Since his opening in 1899, the inland port "Stadthafen I" in Münster has lost his original significance as a place of transshipment more and more. This required to the turn of the century a development of new concepts for the waterfront. Thus, the northern bank was turned to the "Kreativkai" as a mix of commercial and leisure area with restaurants.

In 2004 a masterplan has been developed, involving the southern parts with industrial areas, exhibition hall and the "Stadthafen II" with the Hawerkamp, well-known and popular for the alternative scene.
On the one hand the connection between the harbour and the inner city should be improved, on the other hand, the connections within the area should be improved to get an integral approach and enhance the whole area.

The focus is on a continuation of the development of the port as a high quality recreational and leisure area, considering the existing environment. Main topics are art, culture and services connected with high-quality residential use in the area of the former OSMO halls.