The designed object is located in Berlin at the Spree River on a peninsula within a planned residential area.

In Berlin there is a high number of singles. Often they are in "living apart together" relations, which results from the actual spirit of age (mobility, flexibility, individuality). While the number of households is increasing, the need for community increases as well. New forms of housing are built, which support the individuality and promote the community.

In studies of residential search behaviour were made the following statements to the needs of the people:
- large fašade openings: 80%
- two-storey living: 42%
- separate day and night range: 57%
- neutral rooms of equal size: 47%
- eat-in kitchen: 73%; open kitchen: 46%
- image / appearance: 32%
- large living space, small number of rooms (71-100m ▓, 3-4 rooms)
- naturally lighted and ventilated bathrooms